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The nations that are represented in the FWWC AZORES 2015

The nations that are represented in the FWWC AZORES 2015

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First day of windsurfing formula World Championship

First day of Windsurfing Formula World Championship in Praia da Vitória TERCEIRA AZORES
Opening ceremony that was attended by the Regional Sports Director representing  the President of the Azorean Government, Vasco Cordeiro.

Primeiro dia do Campeonato do Mundo de Formula Windsurfing na Praia da Vitoria Açores
Cerimonia de abertura que contou com a presença do Diretor Regional do Desporto em representação de sua Exelencia o Presidente do Governo dos Açores Drº Vasco Cordeiro.

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Nicolas Warembourg and Alexandre Cousin

Nicolas Warembourg and Alexandre Cousin FRA 752 on their #BladeFRas they prepare for the 2015 Azores Formula Windsurfing Championship taking place in April.

Our formula sail finished on podium positions in the last two Formula Worlds as well as winning the latests Dutch and Spanish championships, check it out at http://bit.ly/1HO48qS

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National Geographic Traveller selected the Azores second best

The magazine National Geographic Traveller selected the Azores in Portugal, as the second best islands in the world, behind the Faroe Islands, Denmark. Article Best Rated Islands are evaluated 111 destinations by 522 experts in sustainable tourism.

The Azores get 84 100 points, which are defined as heavenly site with well-preserved buildings, respected nature and sophisticated inhabitants, most of whom already lived out.
Climate whims prevent the mass of tourists lured by volcanic mountains, the green valleys of flowers or the bays of the Third.

The archipelago is found in 70 place with 61 points. Despite the high quality tourism reputation, beautiful scenery, magnificent gardens, ancient water channels, striking religiosity and the charm of fado, Madeira suffered as the massive development of too high hospitality and buildings, referred to specialists.

The destinations were selected at risk of giving in to pressure from tourism and they could find a balance. The remaining top 10 includes, and in order, Lofoten, Norway, Shetland, Scotland, Chiloé, Chile, Skye, Scotland, Kangaroo, South Africa, Mackinac, the US, the island of Iceland, and Molokai ( Hawaii), USA.

Among the islands or archipelagos which are ranked worse are some of the major tourist routes. List is also in order, St. Thomas (Virgin) in the USA, Ibiza, Spain, and Providential, the Turks and Caicos. Gather up even the island of Jamaica, Hilton Head, USA, Phuket, Thailand, Key West, USA, Oahu (Hawaii) in the USA, Cozumel, Mexico, and even St. Martin in the Caribbean.

Deadline on entry fees discount

The deadline for claiming your 30 eur discount on entry fees has now officially passed (8 March). Some top names on the entry list - if you want to join them, we will give you just a couple of days more to get your entry in at the discounted rate. Don't delay, register now!!https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=uvGZZUvYwnikntBQmHDc9w#

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