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Terceira Island

Terceira is one of the nine islands of the Azores , a member of the " Central Group " . Formerly known as " Island of Our Lord Jesus Christ of Terceiras  " , being the administrative center of the Terceiras island's , it´s was designated as the Azores . The Terceira designation applied to the entire archipelago of the Azores as they were the third discovered in the Atlantic islands ( the archipelago of the Canary Islands was designated the First and Second by Madeira Islands , in the chronological order of discovery ) . With advancing years this island came to be known only by Terceira .

Throughout its history, Terceira played a major role in the establishment and maintenance of the Portuguese Empire , due to its geo-strategic location in the North Atlantic .

The island has approximate dimensions of 29 miles long by 18 miles wide , measuring its perimeter 90 kilometers . It has an area of 402.2 square kilometers .